Archangel Double Fairlie in FR Preservation livery


Pearse England repainted & lined as Welsh Pony


Pearse Leeds N0.1 lined in Freelance livery


Peter Angus A Class in early Darjeeling livery


Peter Angus Kathleen prototypically lined


Peter Angus Woolwich in prototypical livery


5" Gauge Maxitrak Dixie lined and sign written in Devon CC livery


Steve Acton Waril class Hunslet in prototypical livery


Maxitrack Allchin Traction Engine lined with repainted wheels


Steve Acton Talyllyn lettered & lined in full Fletcher Jennings livery


Well Chuffed Archie lined in Freelance livery


Wrightscale Hunslet lined in Dinorwic style livery


Wrightscale Tattoo repainted and lined in Talyllyn livery


Steve Acton built Talyllyn & Dolgoch double heading at Talyllyn Gala